Product Recall Highlights Dangerous Children’s Products

For immediate release: April 17, 2002

Contact: Stephanie Courcy
Vermont Department of Health

BURLINGTON—The Vermont Health Department is joining with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) in publicizing a “recall round-up” of ten hazardous products, most of which have been involved in deaths of children.

“Despite recall notices and public warnings, we find that many products with the potential to seriously injure or kill are still being used by consumers,” said Vermont Health Commissioner Dr. Jan K. Carney.

“The goal of this recall round-up is to get hazardous products out of people’s homes,” she said.

CPSC listed the following hazardous products that might be found in consumers’ homes:

CPSC’s toll-free telephone hotline and web site provide information about recalled products and information on what to look for when buying products. Consumers can reach the hotline at 800-638-2772 or visit the web site at

“When people do their spring cleaning, they should check their attics and other storage areas for old products that could be hazardous,” said Dr. Carney. “The government can get dangerous products off store shelves, but the real challenge is to get them out of families’ homes.”

In 2001, the Vermont legislature passed Act 42, The Children’s Product Safety Act, which directs the Department of Health to post on the web a comprehensive list of unsafe children’s products, recalled children’s products, and children’s products that do not conform to children’s product standards.

Act 42 prohibits the manufacturing, selling or leasing of a listed product. Regarding products that are retrofitted, the law also prohibits the retrofitting and selling or leasing, without federal approval and documentation, of a listed product.

The department has created a web site with information and answers to questions about Act 42 that can be found at