Healthy Community Design in East Central Vermont

Staff members at your Local Health Office are experts in looking for policy and physical design solutions that promote active and healthy living. We can help groups through the process of identifying and adopting these solutions. We can connect you with resources and provide examples of similar work done in other communities to help you on your way.

Local Highlights

Building Health into Woodstock's Town Plan

Our staff helped the town of Woodstock to draft a Health Section of their town plan that included language about healthy community design and Health Impact Assessments. We also worked to support inclusion of that language in the transportation and development sections of the plan, where the requirements of health-promoting activities also need to be considered.

Making the Healthy Choice the Easy Choice

We chaired the Health and Society subcommittee for the East Central Vermont Sustainability Consortium, which developed a comprehensive community strategy called "What We Want" for our region to be sustainable in the future. This plan included language on using local policy and organization to promote health by making the healthy choice the easy choice.

Community Partners

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