Emergency Preparedness in East Central Vermont

At the White River Junction District Office, we assist local emergency response and preparedness organizations to plan for public health emergencies. We work with community organizations that recruit and retain volunteers, and that might host and staff a site for distribution of medicines, so our community will be ready in the case of a public health emergency.

Our local medical volunteer organization, the Upper Valley Medical Reserve Corps  (UVMRC) has members from both New Hampshire and Vermont. Both states can call upon volunteer services as necessary. UVMRC offers regular trainings for members, staffs first aid stations at area events like The Prouty and offers volunteer assistance to other areas in emergencies, such as last year’s testing of blood for the chemical PFOA in Bennington. See the UVMRC website. For information about volunteering for the UVMRC, register at OnCall for Vermont or contact Steve Yannuzzi at 603-653-6859 or through email, or call Heather, Public Health Specialist, at 802-295-8913.

Point of distribution sites, set up for distribution of medicine in case of a public health emergency, are located strategically throughout our region. We are beginning to offer "private" point of distribution sites to local entities like emergency services personnel, schools and other employers. For more information about getting these services for a site you're connected with, contact Heather, Public Health Specialist at 802-295-8913 or email her at AHS.VDHOLHWhiteRiverJunction@vermont.gov.

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