Emergency Preparedness in Franklin and Grand Isle Counties

The St. Albans Local Health Office coordinates with local schools, non-profits, businesses and first responders to support and protect our community in the event of a public health emergency. Our community partners include, but are not limited to, the St. Albans Emergency Planning Committee, school safety teams, long-term care facilities, Regional Planning Commission, Northwestern Medical Center, Northwestern Counseling and Support Services, Franklin County Home Health, fire and police departments, and emergency medical service (EMS) agencies. We participate in hospital emergency planning teams and assist with readiness for a potential increase in patients needing medical attention. We also work with businesses to create and review emergency plans.

We are also part of the Local Emergency Planning Committees which include government organizations, first responders, hospitals, large businesses and regional planning professionals.

Medicine Distribution Sites

In the event of a public health emergency, medication can be distributed to organizations so they can distribute it to their employees and employee’s families, helping to safeguard business and organizational continuity. We are interested in working with community partners, both public and private, who would like to become a pre-arranged distribution site for their own employees and families. Contact our office for more information.

Get Involved

The Northwest Vermont Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) includes volunteers from all over the region who help prepare for disasters small and large. They set up and staff first aid stations at large scale events, provide first aid, Automated External Defibrillators, and CPR for community members, as well as helping some of the communities most vulnerable members prepare for a multitude of emergencies.

Interested in becoming an Emergency Medical Technician or MRC volunteer? Check out OnCall for VT,or contact Scott, at 802-527-5572, or email AHS.VDHOLHStAlbans@vermont.gov. Stay tuned to the Northwest Vermont Medical Reserve Corps Facebook page to read more about recent and upcoming activities.

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