Emergency Preparedness in Southern Windsor and Northern Windham Counties

Emergency Preparedness staff work to assure Health Department staff, community partners, and the public have access to the information and resources needed to be prepared for public health-related emergencies. We do this by:

  • Reviewing response plans and establishing agreements for community-based mass clinics throughout the service area.
  • Participating in, or holding drills and exercises to test our local, regional and statewide plans and capabilities.
  • Working with other responders, volunteers and community organizations to establish communications and working relationships before an emergency occurs. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, visit On Call for Vermont.
  • Participating in Local Emergency Planning Committee meetings, hospital-sponsored exercises, public clinic planning and exercises, and educational efforts to help prepare target audiences for public health concerns such as avian influenza, measles and anthrax.

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Christopher, Public Health Nurse Supervisor

Becky, Health Services District Director