Emergency Preparedness in the Upper Northeast Kingdom

Health promotion and emergency preparedness go hand-in-hand to protect and promote the best health for those living, working and playing in the Upper Northeast Kingdom. We believe that every home, business or school should have an updated emergency plan in place to ensure everyone is safe in the event of an emergency. Safety threats come in many forms: flooding, infectious diseases, accidents and other threats to personal and public safety. By looking at this site you have taken a step towards emergency preparedness by building awareness.

The Newport Local Health Office does its emergency preparation work as part of a community-wide team. We partner with North Country Hospital, fire, police and other members of the local emergency planning committee to pay attention to the needs of our community in the event of a public health emergency.

We regularly plan and practice our ability to set up Points of Distribution where we could distribute medicine in the case of a public health emergency. This helps to prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed during a community-wide disease outbreak and helps preserve their capacity and ability to focus on cases that require the most immediate medical attention.

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To do this work effectively we rely on the good will and fine-tuned skill of volunteers. We urge interested community members to inquire and join a local Medical Reserve Corps. The Medical Reserve Corps, which is made up of medical and non-medical volunteers, provides training in, and exercising of, nationally recognized core capabilities. This ensures that volunteers are available to support clinics when a public health emergency arises.

We are planning such a corps for the Upper Northeast Kingdom. Help us make it happen!

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