Emergency Preparedness in Chittenden County

The Burlington Local Health Office works to improve its ability to respond to public health emergencies so that people in our community can stay healthy and safe. Our Emergency Preparedness team, working with local, state and federal partners, is prepared to distribute medicine, supplies and information to residents of Chittenden County in a health emergency.

Preparedness is achieved at many levels. It starts with individual and family preparedness. It is also important to train staff and volunteers and collaborate with medical facilities, schools, businesses, and other community partners. Our team is available to provide support during emergency preparedness activities such as planning and training.

How We Prepare

  • We provide support and participate actively in hospital preparedness with the University of Vermont Medical Center (UVMMC), help exercise hospital plans and serve on the UVMMC Emergency Preparedness Committee.
  • We serve on local school safety committees and the county’s Local Emergency Preparedness Committee. When invited, we attend meetings throughout the county to provide assistance and answer questions about data, health department initiatives and resources, and emergency preparedness from a public health standpoint.
  • We maintain agreements with community partners to ensure that mass clinic space is available on short notice in times of disaster or public health emergencies. These clinic spaces are opened when needed for the distribution of medicine provided by the Centers for Disease Control for protection against viruses or in the case of bioterrorism.
  • We provide presentations to first responders, healthcare agencies and schools on public health emergency preparedness.
  • We ensure our local staff is trained and ready with needed equipment if called upon to support a public health emergency.

Get Involved

We direct and support our volunteer organization, the Medical Reserve Corps, in the training of nationally recognized core capabilities. This ensures that volunteers are available to support clinics in times of emergencies and public health initiatives that promote positive health outcomes and prevent chronic disease.

The Chittenden County Medical Reserve Corps has served our local area in the following events:

  • Tuberculosis testing
  • Tdap mass vaccination clinic
  • Secrets of Survivors education for our senior population
  • Women Infant & Children (WIC) Nutrition Program
  • Warm Weather Safety Education
  • Emergency Preparedness & Safety Community Events

To register as a volunteer, please create an account with the Medical Reserve Corps and choose the Chittenden County MRC.

To promote public health in Chittenden County, we value our collaboration with many wonderful state and local community partners:

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