Marriage and Civil Union Certificates

When a couple wishes to marry in Vermont, they provide a town clerk with the information needed to complete the license. The couple takes the license to an officiant who signs and dates it and returns it to the town clerk. The town clerk records and files the certificate and sends a certified copy to the Health Department.

Civil unions were established in Vermont in 2000 to provide same-sex couples all the benefits, protections and responsibilities under law as are granted to spouses in a marriage. The marriage equality act, effective September 1, 2009 allows same-sex couples to marry in Vermont, discontinued the need for the separate status of "civil unions." Civil unions entered into prior to September 1, 2009 will continue to be recognized as civil unions.

Couples planning to marry in Vermont may complete the Application for Vermont License of Civil Marriage  form online and bring it to the town clerk in their town of residence. If neither applicant is a resident of Vermont then the application may be presented to any town clerk within Vermont.

order a copy of a civil union certificate

All civil union certificates, regardless of the year in which the event took place, must be ordered through the Vermont State Archives and Records Administration. Same sex couples who are currently joined in a Vermont certified civil union may choose to dissolve their civil union upon marrying one another by signing items 21a and 24a on the Vermont License and Certificate of Civil Marriage. The dissolution will be effective upon solemnization of the marriage.

Order a copy of a marriage certificate


  • Complete and print the form below.
  • Make check or money order payable to "Vermont Department of Health".
  • The fee for certified copies is $10.00 per copy.
  • Return the request form with your check or money order to the address on the form. Do NOT mail cash.

Order a Certified Copy

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