Resources for Current License Holders

Search here for free food safety resources for our license holders. Can't find the topic you need? Call the Food & Lodging Program at 802-863-7221.

Title  Description 
Sanitation Guide for Food Establishment Employees Printable, quick-reference guide in the basics of sanitation for food handlers. 

This helpful website from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services focuses on food safety and provides updates regarding food recalls and alerts. The site includes printable food safety information charts by food item or by food events.

Handwashing Poster Printable handwashing sign to post in restrooms.
Bedbugs and Lodging Establishments This guide to bed bug identification, control, and prevention aids lodging establishments in planning for and responding to bed bug infestations.
Poultry Inspection Exemption Vermont law allows licensed restaurants to serve uninspected poultry under certain conditions. Know the requirements and submit an application prior to serving uninspected poultry.
Food Processing Authorities Search a list of food processing authorities provided by the Association of Food & Drug Officials (AFDO).
Boil Water Advisory Guidelines for Food Establishments These guidelines outline temporary methods that must be followed in order to continue food service operations during a contaminated water incident.
Farmers Market Food Safety: Selling Prepared Foods and Baked Goods Part of the University of Vermont Extension fact sheet series on Food Safety for Farmers Market Vendors.
Farmers Market Food Safety: General Food Safety Practices, Providing Samples, Selling Fresh Produce Part of the University of Vermont Extension fact sheet series on Food Safety for Farmers Market Vendors.
Foodborne Illness The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers guidance on foodborne germs and illnesses including general “food poisoning” information, tracking outbreaks, diagnosis and treatment, and prevention.
Food Allergy Awareness and Education Food Allergy Research & Education is a nonprofit organization that provides information on managing food allergies, programs for advocacy, and research. This website includes allergen control resources for parents, restaurants, and food manufacturers.
Service Animals in Food Service Establishments  The Americans with Disabilities Act provides guidance on service animals in food establishments.
Service Animals in Food Service Establishments: Frequently Asked Questions Read for more details about service animals and the Americans with Disabilities Act.
GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) Labeling Find more information on the GMO labeling law from the Office of the Vermont Attorney General.
Universal Recycling Law & Food Donation Resources Read up on Act 148: Vermont’s Universal Recycling Law to see how food service establishments are affected by the new law.

Food Donation Guidance

Extra food can be donated to food rescue agencies or organizations that feed the hungry only if it was handled properly and not previously served. When creating a program to donation food, follow these guidelines.
Food Sharing Tables Guidance for schools using Food Sharing Tables to reduce the amount of wasted food and encourage the consumption of food served at schools.
Retail Food Employees Training Resources Educational materials in multiple languanges for retail food employees
Guide to Operating a Food or Lodging Establishment This guide helps you determine which license(s) you need and lists other state and local agencies you should contact when opening a food or lodging establishment. 
Health Regulations for Food Service Establishments Current regulations for all restaurants, caterers, mobile units, push carts, and other retail food establishments
Lodging Regulations Current regulations for lodging facilities and camps
Good Manufacturing Practices for Food Current regulations for food processors, except for those products under the oversight of the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets
Shellfish Sanitation Rules Current regulations for establishments processing and distributing molluscan shellfish
Consumer Advisory Sign Sample sign to warn of the potential health risks from eating raw or undercooked foods.
Labeling for Food Producers and Processors UVM fact sheet for clarifying label requirements on food products commonly sold in Vermont.