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Recommended Services for age: Newborn

Symbol Indicates
1 Service is Routine for all
2 Service is Not Routine—Provide when indicated by risk assessment

History, Physical & Developmental and Assessment

Service Components/Tools
A Comprehensive History
  • 1 Do Comprehensive History
Head Circumference
  • 1 Determine percentile for age
Height & Weight
Comprehensive Physical Assessment
  • 1 As part of a complete physical examination, the following should be particularly noted:
  • 1 Respiratory rate, temperature, heart rate
  • 1 Abdominal Masses
  • 1 Ability to fix and follow a human face, ability to suck and swallow, breast engorgement, ear shape, patent nares, intact palate, femoral pulses, Moro reflex, muscle tone, symmetrical movements, response to human voice and other newborn abilities
  • 1 Cardiac Murmers
  • 1 Developmental hip dysplasia
  • 1 Genitalia / Rectum
  • 1 Head shape, size, signs of trauma
  • 1 Pallor, jaundice, peripheral or central cyanosis
  • 1 Skin mottling, erythema toxicum, hemagiomas, nevi, mongilian spots, Cafe Au Lait Spot, or birthmarks
  • 1 Tachypnea / retractions, air movement
Developmental Assessment
Emotional and Behavioral Assessment

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Condition Specific Risk Assessment & Screening

Service Components/Tools
Hearing Screening
Hematocrit or Hemoglobin
Hereditary/Metabolic Screening
Oral Health Screening
Tuberculosis Screening
Vision Screening

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Routine Preventive Interventions

Service Components/Tools
Anticipatory Guidance, Including Injury Prevention Counseling and other Health Education
Sexually Transmitted Diseases

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