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Resources for Parents

Preventive Care is Important

Even though your child may be healthy, periodic checkups and well child visits are important for staying healthy and for addressing minor health issues before they become serious.

Regular visits to a doctor or other health care provider (such as a nurse practitioner or physicians assistant) help assure that your child receives all necessary screenings and immunizations, and that you have a chance to ask any questions about your child's health, development or behavior. It is also important for children to have routine dental checkups and cleanings.

The Parents Guide to Health Screenings (link below) provides a schedule of preventive health visits recommended by the Department of Health. For suggested topics you may want to discuss with your health care provider, choose the Dr. Dynasaur Informing Letters link.

Do Your Children Have Health Insurance?

Many working families are eligible for low cost or free health care coverage. Dr. Dynasaur covers infants, children and teenagers for:

Find out more about eligibility and how to apply at the Vermont Department of Health's insurance information page or by contacting the Vermont Department of Children and Families.

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