Injury and Violence Prevention

Young girl sitting in a car booster seat.

In Vermont, injuries are the leading cause of death among persons aged 15 to 44, and the fifth leading cause of death among persons of all ages.

Each year, more than 400 Vermonters die and thousands others are hospitalized due to injury.

Many of these deaths and injuries are preventable.

Knowing what to do if someone is choking or accidentally poisoned, and by properly using seat belts, smoke detectors, and bike helmets, are basic steps to help prevent many injuries.

Intentional and violent injuries are also a serious individual and public health concern. Tools, resources, and supports are availableto help stop violence before it starts, and for survivors, health care providers, loved ones, and bystanders who can help make a difference.

Emergencies or immediate danger — Dial or Text 9-1-1

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