SIREN - Statewide Incident Reporting Network

patient stabilized by EMS

The Vermont Statewide Incident Reporting Network (SIREN) is a comprehensive electronic prehospital patient care data collection, analysis and reporting system that has been in use since 2010. In January 2017, Vermont transitioned to a new version of the system called SIREN Elite to collect EMS data that is compliant with the National EMS Information System’s (NEMSIS) Version 3 data. 100 percent of Vermont's transporting EMS agencies and approximately one third of Vermont’s non-transporting first response agencies are reporting patient care data into SIREN Elite.


If you would like to explore Elite using the Sandbox account, use the following login:

Username: Sandbox18     Password: VTEMS18


Updated SIREN Elite Resources

The following resources for SIREN Elite users and administrators have recently been added or updated, and more are on the way. Check back regularly!

Data Dictionary

Version 3 Data Dictionary

Vermont is collecting EMS data that is compliant with the National EMS Information System’s (NEMSIS) Version 3 Data Dictionary. To learn more about NEMSIS and EMS Data in the United States, go to the NEMSIS website.

List of VT V3 Custom Elements

Data Requests

Each application for single-use data release is judged on its feasibility, intended data use, and data security procedures. Prior to submitting a request, please review the documents SIREN Information and SIREN Data Limitations.

Documentation Best Practices, Resources and FAQ
Hospital Hub

Hospital Hub is a web-based emergency medical services portal where hospital emergency departments can receive EMS records of patients transported to their facility.

Vermont Hospital Hub User Guide

Hospital Hub Administrators: Adding Users

Hospital Hub: Incoming List View



For more information, contact the EMS office by email or at 800-244-0911.