Resources for Families and Caregivers

Little boy hugs his two sisters while volunteering at a community charity event

We are looking for people to join our advisory committee to represent Vermont families, particularly families that use our EMS system. The family representative ensures family-centered care in programmatic activities. Family Advocacy Network (FAN) is a national group that works to include the family voice in state EMS for Children programs. The FAN representative is a crucial part of the EMS for Children family.

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Resource Description
Vermont Family Network Vermont Family Network offers resources, support, and advocacy for families across Vermont so that children of all ages and needs can reach their full potentials.
Vermont Child Health Improvement Program Resources and Tools Vermont Child Health Improvement Program (VCHIP) is housed at the University of Vermont and has links to many different research projects for those interested in how Vermont is improving child health in the state.
Be Seat Smart Be Seat Smart is for anyone interested in Child Passenger Safety, becoming a car seat technician, or learning more about events being held in your area.
Disaster Planning for Families and Kids Be prepared for anything with and their kid-friendly readiness activities and resources.
Caring for Children in a Disaster CDC's comprehensive resource for families and caregivers with information for before, during, and after a disaster, with a specific focus area for children with special health needs.