Medical Reserve Corps Units in Vermont

Vermont Medical Reserve CorpsThe Vermont Medical Reserve Corps improves the health and safety of communities across the state by organizing and utilizing public health, medical, and citizen volunteers.

We are the lead agency for providing guidance and support to the state's Medical Reserve Corps Units.

Vermont Medical Reserve Corps Units

Learn more about Vermont's fully established MRC units:

Find the MRC unit that serves your area.

What is the typical MRC unit?

There is no "typical" MRC unit. Each unit organizes in response to the specific, often unique, needs of an area. A region's hazard threats, health concerns, and the organization in which the unit is established (health department, hospital, faith-based organization, etc.), will shape the makeup of an MRC unit.

Despite these differences, all MRC units share the common mission to improve their local area's public health emergency responce infrastructure capabilities.

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Having a MRC Unit in your community

The Vermont Department of Health’s District Offices, as our local health leaders, work with emergency response partners in their communities to help form MRC units.

What are the benefits of forming a MRC unit?
MRC units work with their many counterparts to learn best practices, as well as receive education, training and technical assistance to help your local unit meet the changing needs of your communities. MRC units receive:

National Guidance for Local Communities
The MRC National Program Office serves as a clearinghouse of information for MRC units. Although the National Program Office does not lay out strict rules about how a community should reach its goals and objectives, it offers guidance, tools and resources.

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Establishing a MRC Unit in Vermont

The Vermont Department of Health is the lead agency for MRC development in Vermont. Our District Office emergency preparedness specialists work with local communities and emergency response partners.

If you want to be a part of forming a MRC unit for your community, contact the Vermont State MRC Coordinator.

Initial steps are to form an MRC advisory committee, identify a unit coordinator, and find a sponsoring/housing agency that will serve as the fiscal agent.

Once those three items are in place, the advisory committee and coordinator work on the Registration Criteria

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For more information

Contact the Vermont State MRC Coordinator

Derek Pitts, State MRC Coordinator
Division of Emergency Preparedness, Response and Injury Prevention
Vermont Department of Health

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