Reporting Forms, Grant Guidance and Policy Documents

Grant reporting is essential to grant compliance. Grantees must submit reports according to the schedule specified in the grant. Here you will find forms, instructions, and templates to help with meeting grant reporting requirements.

These are arranged according to the following categories: Prevention, Intervention, Treatment, Recovery Centers/Housing, and Master Grants.

Guidance and policy documents will help you understand the language, methodology, protocols, guidelines or other grant requirements.

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National Outcome Meaures (NOMs)

What are NOMs?

The National Outcome Measures (NOMs) are the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration's (SAMHSA) approach to performance measures. States are required to report on NOMs for both prevention and treatment programs as part of their block grant requirements. NOMs are broken down into sub-categories called “domains”. For Prevention NOMs, each state is only being asked to collect data in 3 of the 8 domains. The other five domains are being pre-populated by existing data sources.

What are the NOMs Domains?

  • Domain 1: Reduced Morbidity – Abstinence from Drug/Alcohol Use
  • Domain 2: Employment/Education
  • Domain 3: Crime and Criminal justice
  • Domain 4: Social Connectedness
  • Domain 5: Access/Capacity*
  • Domain 6: Retention
  • Domain 7: Cost Effectiveness*
  • Domain 8: Use of Evidence-based Practices and Strategies*

* Vermont is collecting data from prevention grantees to report on the three domains in bold.

What domains are ADAP Prevention Grantees required to provide?

ADAP grantees will need to provide detailed data for the "Access/Capacity" domain and budget data for the "Cost Effectiveness" domain. ADAP will submit the information for the "Evidence-based Practice" domain based on grantee information from the original applications for funding.

How will grantees provide this information?

ADAP grantees will collect the data throughout their grant period and submit it as part of their regular reporting activities for the grant. Special forms have been designed for grantees to use to report this data to ADAP. Additional forms have been provided by ADAP to assist grantees in collecting the data.

What data is collected for the Access/Capacity domain?

This domain captures information about the number of people served by race, ethnicity, age and gender:

  • Individual-based programs and population-based programs: total number served by age, gender, race and ethnicity.
  • Institute of Medicine (IOM) category delineated for each grant-funded program. These are: universal-indirect, universal-direct, indicated and selected.
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NOMs Information Manual
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School-Based Substance Abuse Services (SBSAS)
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SBSAS Financial Report
Survey Monkey
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Public Inebriate Program
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PIP Summary Report
Screening, Brief Intervention, & Referral to Treatment (SBIRT)


Impaired Driver Rehabilitation Program (IDRP)
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Drug Court
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Drug Court Statistics
Vermont Youth Treatment Enhancement Program (VYTEP)
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Health Department - Tobacco
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Recovery Centers
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