Health Advisory
2009-2010 Influenza Season Update #14

Provisional Data on Influenza Hospitalizations in Vermont

To: Vermont Health Care Providers
From: Wendy Davis, MD, Commissioner
Date: December 2, 2009

– Please Distribute Widely –

The Vermont Department of Health will now be releasing data on influenza hospitalizations in Vermont, which may be helpful to providers in describing characteristics of influenza admissions. Hospitalization data will be updated weekly on the Health Department’s website at Cumulative hospitalization data, including detailed characteristics of admissions, will be distributed to providers each month through the Health Alert Network.    

Limitations of the Data
These data reflect admissions for laboratory-confirmed influenza in Vermont hospitals, regardless of the patient’s state of residence. The data does not reflect hospitalizations of Vermonters in facilities out of state. Each patient is only counted once, regardless of transfer status to a second hospital. Laboratory confirmation of influenza can be by any testing method. Hospitals were asked to begin reporting on November 2 and data on earlier hospitalizations was collected retrospectively. Data may be updated if additional retrospective cases are reported. 

Characteristics of Influenza Hospitalization Data
Cumulative data represents characteristics of Vermont hospitalizations since September 1, 2009
(Table 1). Underlying health conditions include: pregnancy, chronic pulmonary, cardiovascular, hepatic, hematological, neurological, neuromuscular, or metabolic disorders, or a compromised immune system.

Table 1. Laboratory-confirmed Influenza Hospitalizations by Age Group in Vermont:
September 1, 2009November 28, 2009 *

Age Group

Number of Patients (%)

0 – 4

15 (11%)

5 – 18

23 (18%)

19 – 24

10 (8%)

25 – 49

37 (28%)

50 – 64

28 (22%)


17 (13%)


130 (100%)

* Provisional data

Hospitalizations occurred in all regions of the state. All isolates of hospitalized patients that were subtyped were 2009 H1N1.

The following hospitalization data will be updated weekly on the Health Department Web site (Table 2).

Table 2. Laboratory-confirmed Influenza Hospitalizations in Vermont:
Report for Week of 11/22/09 – 11/28/09


Number of Patients

11/22/09 – 11/28/09

Number of Cumulative Hospitalizations (%)

9/1/09 – 11/28/09



38 (29%)



92 (71%)



130 (100%)

Click for full chart: Lab-Confirmed Influenza Hospitalizations, by Week.
Department of Health Hospital Surveillance:
Lab-Confirmed Influenza Hospitalizations, by Week


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