Substance Abuse Recovery

Treatment is a very important part of the substance abuse recovery process, but that process continues through a person's lifetime. Resources for those in recovery can mean the difference between a smooth transition to wellness and a very rocky road. ADAP helps provide these resources in the form of recovery centers located around the state and advocacy for persons in recovery.

The Recovery Project

ADAP is proud to join A&E Network, National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD), Faces and Voices of Recovery (FAVOR), Partnership for a Drug-Free America (PDFA), National Association of State Alcohol/Drug Abuse Directors (NASADAD) and the SAMHSA Planning Partners for the Second Annual Recovery Delegate Program and encourages all eligible members to submit their personal stories of recovery at

Last year, A&E created the Recovery Delegate Program to bring national attention to recovery by honoring individuals in recovery from every state.  Seeking individuals who had been in recovery for at least 10 years and who were active in their local recovery community, A&E and their partners worked to secure hundreds of applications from across the country.  Ultimately, one representative from each of the 50 States and District of Columbia was selected to represent their state at the Recovery Rally in New York City where more than 5,000 people formed a human bridge of recovery on the Brooklyn Bridge to show that recovery is possible.

ADAP joined this effort to help expand the Recovery Delegate Program and generate increased awareness for addiction and recovery both here in Vermont and across the country.

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