Vermont Parents Guide

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Vermont Parenting Resources Vermont Parenting Resources
Drug Facts Drug Facts
Guide to Parties (Small - 384 kb) Updated Jan '05 Guide to Parties (Med - 814 kb)
Guide to Parties (Large - 4,690 kb)
Get the Conversation Going Get the Conversation Going
Grandparents Hold the Key Grandparents Hold the Key
Help Your Kids Help Your Kids
Your Pre-Schooler Your Pre-Schooler
Grades K-3 Brochure Grades K-3 Brochure
Grades 4-6 Brochure Grades 4-6 Brochure
Grades 7-9 Brochure Grades 7-9 Brochure
Grades 10-12 Brochure Grades 10-12 Brochure

If you would like to order a hardcopy of the Vermont Parents’ Guide please contact your local ADAP Prevention Consultant, or call (802) 651-1550.

Another good resource for families:
A Family Guide to Keeping Youth Mentally Healthy and Drug Free
(National campaign - Start Talking Before They Start Drinking)