State Epidemiological Outcomes Workgroup (SEOW)

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Vermont SEOW is to apply systematic reporting and analysis regarding the prevalence, causes, and consequences of the use and abuse of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs in order to effectively and efficiently utilize prevention resources. The SEOW will also audit a range of mental health indicators that pertain to substance use and abuse, and explore the potential integration of additional indicators relevant to behavioral health more broadly. The SEOW promotes data-driven decision making by examining and analyzing all relevant data sets that pertain to substance use and abuse across geographical and demographic categories. Furthermore, to the extent possible, we intend to identify groups that are at particularly high risk to have or develop substance abuse problems in order to focus limited prevention resources.

The SEOW was established in 2005 as part of the SPF-SIG awarded to Vermont. The SEOW is made up of epidemiologists of varying disciplines, as well as key state agency staff whose responsibilities include data collection, review and analysis. In addition to members with data expertise, the SEOW has representatives from higher education and the United Way.


Archived Reports & Minutes

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