2020-2021 Worksite Wellness Virtual Workshop Series

2020-2021 Worksite Wellness Virtual Workshop Series

2020-2021 Worksite Wellness virtual workshop series: Cultivating connection - supporting employee wellbeing

October 2020 - April 2021


worksite wellness Virtual workshop series

We are excited to offer this virtual workshop series free of charge.  Registration is required, please click on each session below to find the link to register.   Sessions will be recorded and available for those not able to participate live.

Wellness at Home Video Series

The Department of Health and the Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports have partnered to develop a series of short videos to support wellness at home!  Learn nutrition tips for staying healthy during the pandemic, how to ergonomically set up your home workstation, and a short fitness workout that can be done anywhere. 

This video series is brought to you by MVP Health Care, a nationally recognized, not-for-profit health insurer committed to having a positive impact on health and wellness and a sponsor of the 2020-2021 Worksite Wellness Virtual Workshop Series.

Strength and Conditioning

Cardio and Core

Stretch and Strengthen Fitness Workout


Eating Healthy During the Pandemic


Ergonomics at Home




October 15: A Connected Workplace - Taking action against stress, loneliness and depression

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HPDP_October 15_A Connected Workplace Slides.PDF

Presenter: Tiffany Pierce M.D. , M.S., Cigna Health Care

Strong social connections in the workplace are good for employee health and organizational performance.  However when loneliness, stress, and depression go undetected it can have a substantial impact on employee creativity, functional performance, and absenteeism potentially putting them on a path toward social isolation.  Poor workplace connections can cause employees to retreat inward and lose sight of the value of their own vitality.  In this session we'll help employers identify the causes of loneliness, the implications to employee health, and identify solutions that businesses can activate to create a more inclusive and connected workplace.

Thank you to Cigna Healthcare for sponsoring this session!


November 5: Supporting Remote Employees - Balancing family and work

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HPDP_November 5_Supporting Remote Employees Slides.pdf

Presenter: Natalie Glynn, Let's Grow Kids & Alyssa Pelow, Adaptiva HR

Family-friendly workplaces benefit everyone—employees, their families, and employers.  Workplaces with family-friendly practices and policies support the wellbeing of their employees, while benefiting from improved employee recruitment, retention, and engagement.  This is especially important during the current pandemic which has required many employees to work from home while juggling childcare and other family responsibilities.  Natalie Glynn will share strategies for workplaces to support employees during this time.

Thank you to OneDigital for sponsoring session!

Speaker Bios:

Natalie grew up in Vermont and earned her BA from UVM. Before joining the team at Let’s Grow Kids, she worked as a producer and freelance photographer in NYC. She has been delighted to return to VT with her family and work to ensure a strong start and bright future for all Vermonters.

Alyssa has an extensive history of working in Human Resources, predominantly at advertising agencies in the Boston area. She says, “this work really opened up my creative side and taught me how that can be channeled into HR. This was where I realized that an employee handbook can be an effective tool that represents a business’ culture, story and brand, while also informing employees of their rights and benefits.” Alyssa has also worked in Human Resources in several other industries, providing support on everything from compliance, to recruiting, to benefits and employee engagement.

December 3: Food Insecurity and Social Needs Among Employees—How employers can help

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HPDP_Food Insecurity and Social Needs Among Employees.pdf

December 3rd 9:00-10:00 am

Connie Beal, United Way of Northwest Vermont & Suzanne Kelley, Vermont Department of Health

Prior to the pandmic, nearly 60,000 Vermonters lived in households experiencing food insecurity.  The pandemic has had significantly negative impacts on food security.  Many people facing challenges such as food insecurity are employed.  This workshop will discuss food insecurity and healthy food access in Vermont, and its relevance to employers and employees.  Vermont employers who have addressed this issue with employees will describe their program including why and how they addressed the issue and outcomes of their efforts. Resources that all employers can offer employees to help will be provided.

Thank you to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont for sponsoring this session!

Speaker Bios:

Connie Beal (she/her), United Way of Northwest Vermont’s Working Bridges Initiative Director, leads training development and innovation work. She convenes the Working Bridges employer network to identify and design strategies, partnerships and pilots to elevate resources and identify gaps in supporting the ever-changing needs of Vermont’s workforce. She is part of the Working Bridges Resource Coordinator team and helps individual employees at workplaces navigate various community resources related to housing, childcare, transportation, health care, and more. A key driver of her work is her commitment to helping individuals find stability, thrive, and reach their goals. Prior to Working Bridges, Connie was the Senior Resource Coordinator at Vermont 2-1-1, a 24-7 health and human service helpline serving Vermonters. She has experience working for nonprofits in the anti-violence and substance use prevention fields; as well as public health experience in the public sector. Connie holds a BA in Psychology from Colby College and Master of Public Administration (MPA) from the University of Vermont. She is a recent graduate of Leadership Champlain. Connie spends time volunteering for Camp DREAM, a nonprofit focused on eliminating the opportunity gap for Vermont children in low-income housing through the camp experience in Fletcher, VT. She maintains work-life balance by escaping to a Vermont mountain top, playing with her young children, or eating chocolate.

Suzanne Kelley, MSW, works for the Vermont Department of Health managing Vermont’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Education program, a USDA obesity prevention program for people eligible for SNAP. Suzanne also manages a Healthy Community Design program to increase access healthy food and places to be physically active for Vermonters, and she has participated in several state initiatives that connect access to healthy and local food with health systems. Suzanne has worked in public health for over 20 years.


January 14: A New Year - Seven steps to re-focus on mental health in 2021
HPDP_WW_Seven Steps to Mental Health.pdf


January 14th 9:00-10:00 am

It’s certainly a marathon, not a sprint. While most of us are glad to see the calendar turn to 2021, we are still very much in need of resiliency, self-care, and mental health supports. As we settle into the rhythm of another season filled with remote work, isolation, and extensive safety precautions, let’s come together to discuss real-life strategies to refocus on our total wellbeing.  

This workshop will cover:

  • Going easy on yourself
  • Knowing your red flags – and what to do when they appear
  • Focusing on what we can control, including our own powerful thoughts
  • Continually practicing “radical acceptance”…and more.

Speaker Bios

Lynn Bursell, Ed.D., Ed. S., LCMHC, Senior EAP Counselor

Dr. Lynn Bursell is a licensed mental health counselor with almost 30 years of experience providing employee assistance and counseling services. She is trained in solution-focused counseling, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, career development, disability, and motivational interviewing and is American Sign Language proficient. Lynn is deeply committed to our Vermont employers and employees and is highly skilled in providing clinical expertise and warm, client-centered guidance.


Genevieve Habeck, Director of Education and Outreach for Invest EAP
Gen has extensive experience in member relations and communication, holds a B.A. in English and professional certificate in marketing (both from UVM), and is also the SHRM Vermont Director of Workforce Readiness. Her areas of expertise include collaborating with brokers and consultants, workplace culture, recovery-friendly workplaces, and best practices for work/life balance. She has conducted workshops and trainings at several major regional events, including Dept of Health Conferences, the SHRM conference, VTHRA and GMHRA workshops, and many others.

February 11: Building Psychological Safety and Wellness at Work
HPDP_WW_Building Psychological Safety and Wellness_2-11-2021.pdf

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Februrary 11th 9:00-10:00 am

Presenter: Ross Gibson

Increasingly, organizations have come to understand that one of the true keys to organizational wellness and business success is increasing the level of employee engagement within their organizations. There is plenty of research and documentation to support this understanding. In this session, we will go a little deeper and look at the most critical factor in employee engagement, better performing teams and increased retention rates: Psychological Safety & Wellness. Learn what diverse industries such as airlines, healthcare, nuclear power operators and companies like Google have found: organizations with higher levels of psychological safety have more engaged, more empowered and more connected employees. In this interactive, fast-paced session, we will learn more about how to identify and increase psychological safety & wellness within our organizations.

Thank you to InvestEAP for sponsoring this session!

Speaker Bio

Ross Gibson is leadership and organizational development consultant and facilitator. As the Chief of Operations, Employee Benefits Practice at The Richards Group, Ross works with organizations to help develop positive leadership growth. Prior to working as a consultant, Ross was Senior Vice President, Global Human Resources at World Learning, a global academic institution and Non-Governmental Organization based in Brattleboro, Vermont. Ross has held other several senior level positions including Vice President, Learning and Organizational Development at Charles River Labs and Vice President, Human Resources at both American Superconductor and Cambridge Neuroscience, Inc. He is active in several local and regional Human Resources and training organizations and is a past president of the Northeast Human Resources Association (NEHRA). Locally in Brattleboro, Vermont, he is a Board member of the Brattleboro Area Chamber of Commerce and the President of the Brattleboro Swim Team. Additionally, he is the Director-elect of the Vermont State Council of SHRM.


March 11: Supporting Your Decentralized Workforce


March 11th 9:00-10:00 am

Multiple Presenters

Increasingly, the workforce is becoming characterized by non-traditional or non-standard work arrangements.  Multiple worksites, telecommuting, and travel are becoming more common.  Additionally, many occupations involve being off-site for the majority of the workday, such as for construction and transportation industries.  Each of these work arrangements present unique challenges to social connection and employee engagement.  This panel workshop will provide strategies, resources, tips, and tools on how to support your decentralized workforce.  Participants will hear from Vermont employers that have a thriving decentralized workforce, including both small and larger employers.  Worksites will also address the impact of the pandemic and promoting employee wellness in newly remote workplaces.  Opportunity for Q&A will be provided.


April 8: Innovations in Worksite Wellness - Panel Discussion and Recognition with 2021 Worksite Wellness Award Winners

Registration opening soon

April 8th 9:00-10:00 am

Join us for a panel discussion on how worksites adapted during the COVID-19 pandemic and recognizition of the 2021 Worksite Wellness Award Winners.

Thank you to Northeast Delta Dental for sponsoring this session!

Thank you to our sponsors!