Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention in Addison County

Regional Substance Abuse Prevention Consultants work with community groups, schools, human service agencies, hospitals, law enforcement, parents, youth and others to strengthen the community’s health and decrease substance abuse. We offer five essential services:
  1. Community Organizing
  2. Program Planning & Consultation
  3. Presentations & Training
  4. Community Grants Information & Guidance
  5. Information & Referral

Part of our role is to support local schools and organizations who receive funding from the Department of Health to provide substance abuse prevention services. In our region, Addison Northwest Supervisory Union (ANWSU) has received a 2019 School Based Substance Abuse Services grant. This grant will fund a student assistance professional to provide prevention and referral to treatment services for the 7th-12th graders at Vergennes Union High School.

Addison County Regional Prevention Partnership

Another grant in our community is the Regional Prevention Partnership which provides five years of funding to our region for alcohol and substance abuse prevention. It is led by United Way of Addison County and strategies will be implemented with partners across the region. The goals of the funding are:
  1. Reduce underage drinking and binge drinking in people aged 12-20
  2. Reduce prescription drug misuse in people aged 12-25
  3. Reduce marijuana use in people aged 12-25
  4. Increase statewide and regional infrastructure to implement substance abuse prevention activities.

We are also involved in connecting partners in Addison County to improve the system of substance abuse prevention, treatment and recovery.

Our Addison County Partners

Addison County Coalition on Substance Use and Prevention

Addison County Coalition on Substance Use and Prevention grew out of the 5 Town Drug & Safety Alliance (Bristol, Lincoln, Starksboro, New Haven & Monkton) that was formed because community members were concerned about break-ins, thefts and needles on the green. It became Addison County-wide after the Governor’s Forum on Opiate Use in 2014. The group now meets regularly and through this collaboration, we have increased the number of doctors providing Medication Assisted Treatment in throughout Addison County.

Medication Drop Off Location

Prescription Drug Disposal

Most people who abuse prescription painkillers get them from friends or family – often straight out of the medicine cabinet. By ensuring the safe use, storage and disposal of prescription drugs, you can help make sure drugs don't get into the wrong hands, or pollute our waterways and wildlife.

The Department of Health coordinates a prescription drug disposal system to connect Vermonters with permanent disposal sites near them, like pharmacies and police stations. Find prescription drug disposal options in your area.