Childhood Trauma Prevention in Central Vermont

Childhood Trauma Prevention in Central Vermont

Childhood trauma has a ripple effect on our community’s well-being. When people are hurting, it shows up in our families, our schools, our doctors’ offices and our correctional systems.  We stand together to break this cycle because we know that it is not only possible, but imperative.

For general information on childhood trauma (also known as Adverse Childhood Experiences or ACEs), the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) has a comprehensive overview including the CDC-Kaiser Study, questionnaires, data, major findings and ongoing collection of ACE data.

The Barre Local Health Office held community forums, completed a community assessment, and developed four top priorities for the Central Vermont community, detailed below.

Top Four Priorities for Preventing Childhood Trauma in Central Vermont

Priority 1: Increase Local Program, Provider, and Service Availability
Many individuals and agencies identified available local resources that can support efforts to end and treat childhood trauma. Better coordination is needed to address the existing service gaps. 

Priority 2: Improve Communication 
There is a need to implement best practices for communication between agencies and community partners that are working together in trauma prevention.

Priority 3: Expand Available Data 
High-quality data on all aspects of childhood trauma is lacking. Data is needed regarding the prevalence of and interventions in childhood abuse and neglect, outcomes for those in treatment, successful prevention and identification programs and more. High-quality data, when presented in context, can be a powerful aide in motivating and guiding action, as well as in securing funding and other kinds of support.

Priority 4: Develop Programs/Tools for Healthcare Professionals
We must explore, inform, and educate medical practices (and others) about evidence-based (or promising) programs, curricula and services. We should also expand the practice of trauma informed care by practitioners, agencies and front end staff.

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