Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention in Central Vermont

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Regional Substance Abuse Prevention Consultants work with community groups, schools, human service agencies, hospitals, law enforcement, parents, youth and others to strengthen the community’s health and decrease substance abuse. They offer five essential services:

  1. Community Organizing
  2. Program Planning & Consultation
  3. Presentations & Training
  4. Community Grants Information & Guidance
  5. Information & Referral

Regional Prevention Partnerships Grant 

Regional Prevention Partnerships across Vermont aim to reduce underage drinking, binge drinking, prescription drug misuse and marijuana use in Vermonters ages 12-25. The partnerships also aim to increase statewide and regional infrastructure to implement substance abuse prevention activities throughout Vermont. The partnerships that serve Washington County are led by the Washington County Youth Services Bureau with strategic support from Central Vermont New Directions Coalition and partners across the region.

Regional Prevention Partnerships work on initiatives to encourage healthy behavior and decrease substance abuse in our community:

Current prEvents

Current prEvents is a monthly article in the Times Argus to increase community awareness about issues related to substance abuse prevention.

E-CheckUp to Go

The Central Vermont New Directions Coalition has launched e-CheckUp to Go to motivate students at U-32 to reduce their use of alcohol and marijuana by providing personalized information about their own drinking and risk behaviors.

Guiding Good Choices Parenting Program

Guiding Good Choices is a parenting program that aims to prevent substance abuse among teens by teaching parents the skills they need to improve family communication and family bonding.

Local Retailer Partnerships

The Washington County Regional Prevention Partnership has joined forces with local retailers to ensure that their staff are well-trained and compliant in responsible beverage service.

Randolph Opiate Response Team

The Randolph Opiate Response Team was formed in September 2015, coming about because of the local opiate crisis. The Barre Local Health Prevention Consultant is helping to facilitate a process for them to determine next steps.

School-Based Partner Grants

Washington South Supervisory Union, Barre Supervisory Union, and White River Supervisory Union have received grants to screen and refer students for substance abuse, put effective prevention programming into place and participate in efforts to promote a healthy school culture.

Washington County Opiate Addiction Work Group

The Washington County Opiate Addition Work Group offers a website for resources and information for people seeking help for themselves and for their loved ones. The work group is made up of over 50 volunteers, including representation from schools, organizations supporting health and recovery, and government services. The work group is working with the Montpelier Police Department and Central Vermont Substance Abuse Services to start “Project Safe Catch,” which would allow police officers to offer treatment to individuals who are struggling with addiction rather than arresting them.

Prescription Drug Disposal

Most people who abuse prescription painkillers get them from friends or family – often straight out of the medicine cabinet. By ensuring the safe use, storage and disposal of prescription drugs, you can help make sure drugs don't get into the wrong hands, or pollute our waterways and wildlife.

The Department of Health coordinates a prescription drug disposal system to connect Vermonters with permanent disposal sites near them, like pharmacies and police stations. Find prescription drug disposal options in your area. 

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