People Living with a Chronic Condition

People Living with a Chronic Condition

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Many Vermonters manage chronic illnesses like asthma, cancer, diabetes, heart or lung disease every day. Find health, wellness and self-management information and guidance for people living with a chronic illness.

Information for You

Services are available to people who live in Vermont, are 21 years or older and meet income guidelines.

Consumers can make informed decisions when choosing a Vermont hospital by using Hospital Report Cards.


Learn more about the different types of diabetes, including prediabetes, and the current data and figures on diabetes in Vermont.

Our brains age along with the rest of our bodies, and our abilities naturally change with age. T​his aging process is different from the disease process associated with a diagnosis of Alzheimer's.

Heart disease, or cardiovascular disease, affects women differently than men. Find important information and resources – like You First – especially for women.

Today, people with HIV can live longer with this infection, with a better quality of life, than ever before