Health Professionals

Health Professionals

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Find information to support you in your health care practice.

There are resources for health care professionals for many topics throughout the website. Here, we've brought together links to the most important and popular health care  information to help you get what you need quickly.

Information for You

Find links to COVID topics, including alerts and advisories, reporting, testing and more. 

If your long-term care facility, school, childcare facility or other institution is currently experiencing an outbreak or if you are looking for information to include in an outbreak plan, this section will provide guidance.

X-ray instruments are insepected regularly, and x-ray facilities are licensed to protect the public from unnecessary exposure to radiation.

Learn about mpox like how it spreads from person to person, symptoms of the illness, and who should get vaccinated. Find communication resources and information for health care professionals.

Health care professionals can find information and resources on the various therapeutic options available for patients and how to order them.

Polio is a potentially disabling and life-threatening disease caused by the poliovirus. Most U.S. adults are protected because of the vaccination program, and it is important for children to be vaccinated when recommended.