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Health Professionals

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There are resources for health care professionals for many topics throughout the website. Here, we've brought together links to the most important and popular health care  information to help you get what you need quickly.

Information for You

Our program strives to create change at the environmental, policy and individual levels to prevent people from becoming tobacco and nicotine users, support those looking to reduce their use or quit, and ultimately, shift society’s perception of tobacco and nicotine use.

Secondhand smoke comes from burning tobacco products, like cigarettes, cigars, hookahs or pipes. It’s also what’s exhaled, or breathed out, by the person smoking.

SNAP-Ed works to improve nutrition security, which means all Vermonters have consistent, equitable access to the nutritious, safe, and affordable foods that are essential to living healthy lives.

Put simply, SNAP-Ed’s goal is to help Vermont families live healthy, active lives. This work wouldn’t be possible without our grantees who use SNAP-Ed funding to create welcoming, inclusive spaces for families to feel empowered to embrace healthy eating and physical activity.

Oral health is important, and establishing healthy habits shouldn’t be limited to regular visits to the dentist—in fact, there are many things that can be done right from home to benefit kids and adults. After all, maintaining healthy teeth and smiles to last a lifetime starts with small habits. 

Ways for health care professionals to refer to and connect with the You First program.