Health Professionals

Health Professionals

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Find information to support you in your health care practice.

There are resources for health care professionals for many topics throughout the website. Here, we've brought together links to the most important and popular health care  information to help you get what you need quickly.

Information for You

See rates of COVID-19 cases and vaccination by Vermont town.

Vermont needs health care providers and facilities across the state to collaborate in the COVID-19 testing effort. By building capacity for prioritized testing everywhere in the state, we are also building capacity to respond to changing needs.

This page offers information and resources for providers about hepatitis A vaccination and actions requested.

Learn about legal requirements that affect your practice. Find information and forms relevant to licensing.

The Health Department offers resources on current evidence-based practices relevant to health care. You can also find information pertinent to emergency preparedness.

Find programs, financial resources, screenings, tools and other resources that can help you to help your patients.