Health Professionals

Health Professionals

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There are resources for health care professionals for many topics throughout the website. Here, we've brought together links to the most important and popular health care  information to help you get what you need quickly.

Information for You

There have been no confirmed cases of AFM in Vermont since 2014. The Health Department is educating providers on what to look for and what actions to take if a patient comes in with symptoms consistent with AFM.

The 802 Smiles Network connects Vermont's various school dental health programs under one umbrella. Its goal is to eliminate oral health disparities and improve oral health for all Vermont children.

You First promotional materials, forms and resources for health care professionals. 

A digest of commonly asked You First questions and answers for health care professionals.

Tips and resources for health care professionals on You First billing and reimbursement.

A predicted 16 million Americans will have Alzheimer’s disease in 2050, dramatically impacting the lives of many Vermonters and their families. In addition to the emotional and financial stress diagnosed individuals and their caregivers face, the increasing numbers pose a significant burden on the health care system.