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Building Professionals & Realtors

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Help build a healthier Vermont.

Find health and regulatory information for developers, realtors, architects, engineers, contractors and consultants doing business in our state.

Information for You

Find information on Vermont asbestos and lead regulations for contractors, architects or engineers, asbestos professionals, and lead professionals.

Today, more and more properties are going smoke-free because Vermont smoke-free properties are legal, healthy, safe and cost-effective. 

The water test(s) to be ordered depends on the source of your water.

The Vermont Department of Health Laboratory can perform total coliform/E.coli bacterial testing on any public water supply or private well

Businesses play an important role in promoting health and reducing the risk of chronic disease.

Vermont’s rivers, streams and lakes can be harmful to our health and safety when they flood. Learn about the steps you can take to stay safe before, during and after a flood.