Interest Groups

We have lots of health information and resources to share. To make these easier for you to locate, we have collected pages across our website to address needs and interests throughout our community – of parents, young and old, LGBTQ, state and local officials, health professionals, caregivers, new arrivals to Vermont ... you'll find it all here.

roof framing

Help build a healthier Vermont. Find important health and regulatory information for developers, realtors, architects, engineers, contractors and...

business owner and contractor looking at blueprints

Find out what business owners need to know about the environment and health, food safety and other public health issues that are important to Vermonters....

person holding baby

Child care providers help make sure Vermont's children are safe and healthy. Find health information, resources and requirements especially for child care...

street conversation in Bristol, VT

Local organizations and coalitions are partners in public health. Check out resources, guidance and funding opportunities to help protect and promote the...

emergency responders helping child

Vermont's emergency responders work on the frontlines to save lives and protect health. Find all the information you need about licensing, certification,...

employees exercising at Vermont workplace

Workplace health and wellness is important to Vermont employers and employees alike. Find information and guidance for employers, employees, and worksite...

father and infant

New parents have a lot to consider when it comes to their child's health. Find information and resources to help new and expecting parents keep the youngest...

man building roof

Farmers and many other Vermont workers spend a lot of time outdoors. Learn more about health and wellness for people who work outside.

woman showing students model teeth

Find information, resources and curricula for educators who help Vermont students understand their own health and important public health issues.

health professional looking at model knee with teen

Public health and health care professionals are the face of health care delivery and health systems in Vermont. Find up-to-date advisories, resources, and...

man and woman painting

Healthy homes means healthier Vermonters. Learn more about how to create and keep a healthy home environment for yourself and your family.

brightly colored houses

Find resources for Vermont landlords and renters, including health information for property owners and tenants.

couple under umbrella

We work for every body. Find health and wellness information and resources for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Vermonters.

town hall

Town health officers and local officials are tuned in to health issues in their communities. Find information, resources and guidance for town and municipal...

Vermonter at new American citizenship ceremony

Find health information and resources for people who are new to Vermont from other countries, cultures and languages. Use our website to answer your...

older Vermont woman at tennis court

Resources and programs are available to help older Vermonters find services and support to live longer, healthier lives.

man on a mountain bike

Many Vermonters enjoy an active lifestyle, play a sport and spend time outdoors. Here are resources to help you and your family stay safe and healthy...

man and toddler

Parents and caregivers keep Vermonters of all ages healthy and safe. Find more information for people who care for the health of others.

man leaning on rail

Recovery is possible and help is available. Find help and support for recovery from alcohol and drug misuse.

group of four older men and women in St. Albans, VT

Many Vermonters manage chronic illnesses like asthma, cancer, diabetes, heart or lung disease every day. Find health, wellness and self-management...

two young people, smiling

You are not alone in your struggle to quit and stay tobacco-free. Learn more about resources and programs like 802QUITS that help Vermonters kick the...

woman looking thoughtful

Find information about alcohol and drug use and how to get help.

two people looking at chart

The Health Department has a wealth of data and tools for community partners, researchers and students on a wide range of public health topics. Use our data...

teacher with students and globe

Teachers, school nurses, administrators and staff are all partners in keeping Vermonters healthy. Find resources for school professionals across the state...

three teen girls smiling

Information for Vermont teens to help take control of your lifelong health and wellness.

smiling person on bench

Your health should not be determined by your income. Learn more about resources and programs for Vermonters with limited income.

man in uniform holding baby
Find resources to support the health of veterans and service members.
three young adults looking at phone

Young adulthood is an important time for health and wellness. Find information you can use to support your health.