Asbestos Information for Property Owners

The Health Department and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have specific asbestos-related requirements for renovating and demolishing buildings and structures. Below are resources for homeowners and property owners of rental, public, and commercial buildings where renovation or demolition will take place.


Asbestos-containing materials (ACM) may be present in your home, but are not dangerous unless they become airborne when disturbed. Asbestos fibers may become airborne during renovation or demolition if ACM are not handled correctly.


Homeowners are exempt from 1) an asbestos contractor license and 2) a permit for the removal of asbestos when they remove asbestos from their primary residence. However, homeowners are not exempt from required methods for handling and disposing of ACM (see Section 1.1.6 of the Vermont Regulations for Asbestos Control). Unsafe asbestos handling methods often lead to the need for asbestos cleanup by a licensed asbestos contractor. Please contact the Health Department for further information regarding safe methods for the handling and removal of ACM at 802-863-7220 or 800-439-8550 (toll free in VT).

If you hire an asbestos contractor, the contractor must be licensed by the State of Vermont and follow all required work practices. Learn more.


All ACM must be removed and disposed of prior to demolishing a residence or any other building.

If your primary residence will be demolished, homeowners must:

  1. Hire a licensed Asbestos Inspector Contractor to inspect for the presence of ACM, in most cases.
  2. Provide written notification to the Health Department at least 10 working days prior to any removal of ACM and of the scheduled demolition regardless of the presence of ACMs (see Regulations for Demolition & Renovation for all related fact sheets and forms).
Property Owners (Rental, Public and Commercial)

All asbestos-containing materials (ACM) must be removed and disposed prior to renovating or demolishing a rental, public, or commercial building or structure.

Prior to renovating or demolishing any rental, public, or commercial building or structure, an inspection is required by the Vermont Regulations for Asbestos Control. This inspection must be conducted by a Vermont-certified asbestos inspector.

If you are planning to renovate or demolish a building or structure, property owners must follow specific asbestos-related requirements.

What happens if the inspector finds ACM in the building?

  • The ACM must be removed by a Vermont-certified abatement contractor before the renovation or demolition.
  • The abatement contractor will normally be required to notify the Health Department and the EPA prior to the abatement and get a project permit from the Health Department

What happens if the inspector does not find ACM in the building?

  • Renovation: Proceed with the project.
  • Demolition: Notify the EPA and the Health Department 10 working days before the scheduled demolition that the inspector did not find ACM in the building.

Are there ACM that can be removed by someone without an asbestos contractor license?

The ACM listed below pose less of a health risk because they do not release fibers easily unless chipped, ground, sanded, sawed, drilled, abraded, etc. These ACM must be removed prior to the renovation or demolition of the building or structure. These materials include, but are not limited to:

  • Vinyl asbestos flooring and flooring mastics
  • Exterior asbestos roofing materials
  • Exterior asbestos siding materials
  • Exterior asbestos cement board
  • Asbestos cement board and asbestos cement piping in open air buildings
  • Asbestos cement board in agricultural barns

A person without an asbestos contractor license can remove the above listed ACM without an asbestos abatement entity license or an abatement permit. Please note that specific work practices to control the asbestos hazard potential must be used. For more information, please see Section 6 of the Vermont Regulations for Asbestos Control.

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The Asbestos & Lead Regulatory Program provides:

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