Map of Vaccine Rates by Town

Map of Vaccine Rates by Town

The map below shows the overall percent of Vermonters aged 12 and older who have been vaccinated with at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. The map is updated on Thursdays and includes data reported to the Vermont Immunization Registry through Wednesday.

Please use caution when interpreting town data. There are several scenarios where vaccinations are not attributed to the correct town. See notes below the map for more details.

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Data notes:

Town data is based on place of residence for most people, but for some people, place of vaccination may have been used instead of place of residence.

Some people may have provided their mailing address instead of their place of residence. Since mailing address may be used to determine location, some town rates may be inaccurate. Some towns do not have their own zip code, and some residents of one town may have their mail delivered to another.

Some people who live in Vermont may have received a vaccination in another state and have not reported the vaccination to the Immunization Registry.

For towns with fewer than 500 people, the percentage of people reported stops increasing once the number of people unvaccinated falls below 25.


Data sources: Vermont Immunization Registry and the Vermont Department of Health Population Estimates (2019)