Data Summary

Data Summary

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What you will find in each data summary:

  • COVID-19 in Vermont: An overview of our number of cases and laboratory testing to date.
  • Case Demographics: Who has been impacted by COVID19 in Vermont? Includes age, sex, race, pre-existing conditions, and more.
  • Clinical Course: What symptoms have Vermonters experienced? How many have been hospitalized? How many have died?
  • Outbreaks: How is COVID-19 impacting group settings?
  • Vaccine Breakthrough: Data on fully-vaccinated Vermonters who got infected with COVID-19.
  • Spotlight: There are occasionally highlighted topics in the data summary.

Numbers reflected in the data summaries may change over time. This is because the data is preliminary and gets updated when new information becomes available.

01/07/2022 No spotlight topic
12/17/2021 No spotlight topic
12/03/2021 No spotlight topic
11/19/2021 No spotlight topic
11/05/2021 No spotlight topic
10/22/2021 No spotlight topic
10/08/2021 No spotlight topic
09/24/2021 No spotlight topic
09/10/2021 No spotlight topic
08/27/2021 Cases Among People with
Neurological Conditions and Intellectual Disabilities
08/13/2021 No spotlight topic
07/30/2021 No spotlight topic
07/16/2021 No spotlight topic
07/02/2021 No spotlight topic
06/18/2021 No spotlight topic
06/04/2021 No spotlight topic
05/28/2021 No spotlight topic
05/21/2021 Cases among Black, Indigenous
and People of Color
05/14/2021 No spotlight topic
05/07/2021 COVID-19 Cases Among Fully
Vaccinated Vermonters
04/30/2021 No spotlight topic
04/23/2021 Facilities Experiencing More Than
One Outbreak
04/16/2021 No spotlight topic
04/09/2021 Age Rate Changes
04/02/2021 No spotlight topic
03/26/2021 Close Contacts in Vermont
03/19/2021 No spotlight topic
03/12/2021 Workplace Outbreaks
03/05/2021 One Year of COVID-19 in Vermont
02/26/2021 Cases among Black, Indigenous and People of Color
02/19/2021 How are people getting COVID-19?
02/12/2021 COVID-19 Deaths
2/5/2021 Timeline of Symptom Onset to Public Health Response
1/29/2021 COVID-19 in Vermont Childcare Settings
01/22/2021 COVID-19 in Vermont K-12 Schools
01/15/2021 How are people getting COVID-19?
01/8/2021 Town Level Data
12/18/2020 Percent Positivity by County
12/11/2020 Populations at High Risk for Severe COVID-19
12/4/2020 Recent Outbreaks
11/20/2020 No spotlight topic
11/13/2020 Travel Reported Among Cases
11/6/2020 Cases Among People with Neurological Conditions and Intellectual Disabilities
10/30/2020 Number of Contacts per Case
10/23/2020 Lab Reporting
10/16/2020 Tests Per Positive Case
10/9/2020 Percent Positivity
10/2/2020 Syndromic Surveillance
09/25/2020 Symptoms
09/18/2020 Cases among Black, Indigenous and People of Color
09/11/2020 No spotlight topic
09/04/2020 COVID-19 Contact Tracing
08/28/2020 Source of Exposure, Part 2
08/21/2020 County Profiles Testing Data
08/14/2020 Demographics of People Tested
08/07/2020 Long-Term Care Facilities
07/31/2020 No spotlight topic
07/24/2020 Source of Exposure, Part 1
07/17/2020 County Profiles
07/10/2020 Contact Tracing
07/02/2020 No spotlight topic
06/26/2020 Changes in COVID-19 Cases Over Time
06/19/2020 Health Care Workers
06/12/2020 COVID-19 Among Children
06/05/2020 No spotlight topic
05/29/2020 Symptoms
05/22/2020 Health Care Workers
05/15/2020 Pre-existing Conditions
05/11/2020 Pre-existing Conditions