Frequently Asked Questions About Cannabis

Frequently Asked Questions About Cannabis

Dried cannabis flower in a jar and scoopHere are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding cannabis use, as well as fact sheets with additional health and safety information.




Who can use cannabis?

Adults age 21+ are legally permitted to possess and use cannabis in Vermont, though there are restrictions on when and where use is permitted.

Is cannabis dangerous?

Using cannabis can impair your judgement and coordination, and should only be used with caution. Smoke from cannabis contains many of the same toxins and chemicals found in tobacco smoke and inhaling it can increase the risk of developing lung problems. The additives, tools and high temperatures used for vaping cannabis may expose you to toxic substances, which may cause serious lung injury. Cannabis can have additional risks for youth and pregnant people.  The CDC is investigating recent illnesses and deaths attributed to vaping.

Who can buy and sell cannabis?

Adults age 21+ may only purchase cannabis if they are registered medical marijuana patients or authorized caregivers. Only medical marijuana dispensaries registered with the Department of Public Safety are permitted to sell cannabis in Vermont.

Can I grow my own cannabis?

Adults age 21+ who are not medical marijuana patients are permitted to grow, use and possess cannabis within the legal limit. It is legal for adults age 21+ to grow up to two mature plants, and up to four immature plants (without flowers or buds). In shared dwellings, such as among roommates or family members, the limits for the entire dwelling are still two mature plants and four immature plants. Plants must be in an enclosure shielded from public view or access, and inaccessible to anyone younger than 21.

Where is it legal to use cannabis?

Adults age 21+ can use cannabis on private property. It is illegal to use, smoke, consume or vape cannabis in public places. It is illegal to smoke cannabis or cannabis products in places where it is illegal to smoke tobacco. Property owners and landlords can ban the possession and use of cannabis on their privately owned properties, and employers can ban possession and use at the workplace. It is illegal to use or possess or use cannabis in Section 8 housing and to use or cultivate cannabis at licensed child care centers or after school programs.

Can people who are pregnant use cannabis?

Leading doctors’ organizations recommend that people who are pregnant or breastfeeding, or plan to become pregnant soon, do not use cannabis.

How does cannabis affect youth?

Cannabis use impacts brain development, and young people who use cannabis regularly can harm their memory and ability to learn. There is also a greater risk for depression, anxiety and schizophrenia.

Is driving while high illegal?

Yes. It is illegal to use cannabis in any sort of operating vehicle, whether you are the driver or a passenger. If you are under the influence of cannabis while operating a car, boat, or other vehicle, a law enforcement officer can pull you over and conduct a sobriety test, and you could lose your license.


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