Real Stories from Members

Real Stories of Ladies First- Nancy
"I really feel that the Ladies First is offering me the most important things in my life, the mammogram, the Pap smear, and the heart health, the cholesterol, and those things.  Add the Farm to Family coupons and the state park coupons, the passes, the exercise, and just being able to enjoy the peace and quiet and walking through the park and knowing that you have had a good decent meal.  I don’t know, those things are important."


Real Stories of Ladies First- Loris
“A friend introduced me to Ladies First. I didn’t have any insurance at the time when I needed my annual screenings and she said this program is a good program. They are very helpful for ladies like me in my age group. Ladies First is doing an awesome job.”


Real Stories of Ladies First- 1
"When I was diagnosed with breast and ovarian cancer, I wasn't sure what to do. With no insurance, most of the hospitals around here would not have done anything. Ladies First was the best thing. They contacted the hospital, secured billing for the tests and got me on insurance."


Real Stories of Ladies First- Sue
“I would say that if you qualify for Ladies First, you should definitely take advantage of it. It's very encouraging, challenging.  I've received many cookbooks, brochures and pamphlets that are so encouraging. The other thing, too, is that it's a personal program; I don’t feel like I am part of a major corporation. The staff representative deals with me one-on-one, as if it is a friend encouraging me. I love that Ladies First is always coming out with a new program that is proactively helping you to keep healthy instead of the other way around, being unhealthy and then paying for the services.”


Real Stories of Ladies First- 2
"I got involved with the Farm-to-Family program where they gave you certificates that you could use at the farmers’ market and last year I got into the Weight Watchers program that Ladies First had. I have lost 37 pounds! The insurance that I have now pays for the yearly check-up, but if you have to go back again and you have not hit your deductible then Ladies First is really helpful. It is a fantastic program and it has helped me immensely"


Real Stories of Ladies First- 3

“When my doctor told me that I was morbidly obese, what a horrible term, which means you can die simply because of complications of being overweight, stroke, heart attack, high blood pressure, I realized that I had to do something. So I signed up with Ladies First. I’ve lost 67 pounds and I am off blood pressure medicines now. With the Ladies First Farm-to-Family Coupons, I have been able to support local growers and buy fresh squash and tomatoes. Ladies First has helped me regain and maintain my health.”


Real Stories of Ladies First- Rena

"I got involved with Ladies First almost two years now, when I was going through treatment for breast cancer. A friend of mine told me about them to help with my bills for radiation and surgery. They’re great people to talk to.  I mean they understand. I mean a lot of them have been through it themselves." 


Real Stories of Ladies First- MaryRose
“I think the best experience I had was when Ladies First came into my life during the loss of my husband. The insurance I had was cut off. I called Ladies First and sure enough I was told I can still get some benefits through them. So Ladies First was looking out for me. When I was worried about my gaining some weight they got into a good program to monitor my weight to get back on the right track. I received Farm to Family coupons as a reward for fitness exercises, which in the first year I kind of felt funny about using them! Then I started looking at it differently, as a gift. I was proud that I have received coupon gifts from Ladies First to spend at Farmers’ Markets."


Real Stories of Ladies First- 5
“I tell people about Ladies First all the time! They have done so much for me. The Farm-to-Family Coupons are amazing, it’s fresh food! The coupons gave my daughter and I the opportunity to buy more healthy foods, something we don’t eat enough of. You get recipes, ideas, and you get to try new things. With my coupons I’ve tried tomatillos, ginger root and spaghetti squash for the first time. And just going to the market, gets you out into the community. It’s a gift.”


Real Stories of Ladies First- 7

“When I found out I had breast cancer, I told my doctors I couldn’t afford my operation. They sent me to Ladies First to see if I could get financial help. The woman who helped me at Ladies First was very nice and I can’t say enough about her. She took a whole lot of pressure off of me. She told me not to worry, that was the main thing, and that it would all be taken care of. I would tell other women to call them. They will listen. They will tell you what you have to do.”


Real Stories of Ladies First- Melissa

"In April of this year I had gone for my mammogram and I was diagnosed with having breast cancer. I had gotten the results from the biopsy they did the same day my husband was unemployed and we lost our insurance. Ladies First was just wonderful to deal with. They are very helpful. They always call back. They are considerate.  I couldn’t ask for nicer women that I talked to there. They worked really hard to get and help me through such a difficult time period. I let people know that that's how great the organization is."  


Real Stories of Ladies First- 6
“Ladies First is great. They’re real – they are right on top of everything. They share recipes with me and different ways to eat a little healthier. When they send me coupons to use at my Farmers Market, I do a lot of different salads and I eat a lot more fresh vegetables.” 


Real Stories of Ladies First- 4
“I’ve had a wonderful experience with Ladies First. They take care of you. Before they sent me farmers’ market coupons, I actually had never gone. Now I try to go every couple of weeks to get fresh vegetables, like cucumbers and squash. The best part of the farmers’ market is getting out and seeing a lot of my friends!”