2. Assess Your Worksite Wellness Needs

Assessments should be completed before selecting worksite wellness strategies to make sure they meet the needs of employees and the organization. It is important to assess both the organization and employee needs and interests. An organizational assessment looks at the physical and cultural environment, policies, benefits and current wellness offerings. Employee assessments look at current health-related behaviors, health outcomes, and interest areas.  

As you assess your worksite, determine what the vision and mission of your company’s wellness initiative is. It is important to have a broader vision and mission to help guide your strategies to accomplish a broader purpose. 

A comprehensive organizational assessment provides a broad overview of various aspects of a workplace that could impact employee health, including factors related to wellness, safety, and mental wellbeing.

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CDC Workplace Health and Safety Climate Survey - A short survey developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to assess employee perceptions of the work environment, working conditions and attitudes towards supervisors and coworkers for developing a healthy worksite culture.

Indicators of Integration - A scorecard developed by the Harvard Center for Work, Health and Well-Being, which can be used to assess the extent to which a company has integrated programs, policies and practices related to protecting and promoting worker safety, health, and well-being. The tool aims to identify areas of potential strength and improvement that a company may experience along the continuum to become more fully integrated.


CDC NIOSH Quality of Worklife Survey - A survey that measures the relationship between job/organizational characteristics and worker health and safety, and identifies targets for health and safety preventive interventions.

CDC Employee Health Assessment - Developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for use in the National Healthy Worksite Program, this is a tool to assess employee health status, health behaviors, readiness to change, needs and interests related to worksite health and safety, and work-related health history.

Employee Interest Survey - A brief employee interest survey that can be tailored for use at your workplace to assess what wellness offerings and changes your employees are interested in.