Ladies First: Cancer Screening for Women

Ladies First provides low income women with breast and cervical cancer screening and diagnostic support. For more than 20 years, Ladies First has provided low-income, uninsured, and underserved women access to timely breast and cervical cancer screening and diagnostic services.

Early detection of cancer in people without symptoms (also called screening) can help doctors find and treat cancer early, leading to better outcomes. All Vermont adults should discuss cancer prevention, screening, and early detection with their primary care provider to help them better understand their risk for developing cancer, and decide what tests are most appropriate based on their specific family and health history.

Ladies First helps eligible women get breast, cervical and heart health screenings. Our members get free mammograms, Pap tests and heart health checkups (blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar testing). Ladies First also pays for diagnostic tests when needed; our case manager is available to provide support and guidance for women who receive abnormal results or just need guidance. We help women make positive changes by referring members to free help for quitting smoking, nutrition counseling and health coaching, and by paying for certain weight loss programs.

Ladies First is Vermont’s implementation of the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention's National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program.

Member Services

Call 800-508-2222 or TTY/TDD Dial 711 and give the Ladies First number - 800-508-2222.

Call our Member Services Coordinator anytime you have questions about the program or need help with your health care. She can help you:

  • Understand what is covered and how the program works
  • Find out if you’re eligible for Ladies First
  • Apply for the program
  • Find a health care provider
  • Get to the appointment if you need transportation

contact us

Ladies First
P.O. Box 70, Drawer 38
Burlington, VT 05402-0070

Cancer Screening

All Vermont adults should talk with their healthcare provider about what screening tests they need based on their age, and specific family and health history. The Vermont Department of Health promotes the breast, cervical, colorectal and lung cancer screening guidelines that are issued by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF), an independent panel of national experts that develops screening recommendations. Other organizations also publish cancer screening guidelines.

Learn more about Early Detection and Screening for cancer and to download patient and healthcare provider cancer screening guides.