Rabies Control Manual

Rabies Hotline
1-800-472-2437 (1-800-4-RABIES)

Rabies alert poster

Rabies is a fatal viral disease found mainly in wildlife (especially raccoons, foxes, bats, skunks and woodchucks) but can infect domestic animals and humans.

The Vermont Rabies Control Manual is a rabies resource to help veterinarians, doctors, town health officers, animal control officers, and game wardens with rabies control and prevention in Vermont.

For more information about rabies in Vermont contact:
Dr. Bob Johnson, State Public Health Veterinarian
Vermont Department of Health
108 Cherry Street, PO Box 70
Burlington, Vermont 05402-0070
Email: Robert.H.Johnson@state.vt.us

Vermont Rabies Control Manual

SECTION 1 - Vermont Rabies Control Overview

SECTION 2 - Rabies Specimen Lab Testing, Shipping and Wildlife Issues

SECTION 3 - Vermont Rabies Statutes, Rules, and Regulations

SECTION 4 – Information for Veterinarians

SECTION 5 – Information for Medical Providers

Information for Town Health Officers

The Department of Health features presentations for Town Health Officers about significant public health issues. Here are the Powerpoint slides and complete audio podcast of Dr. Bob Johnson's April 21, 2010 presentation:

Animal Bites & Rabies - The Role & Responsibilities of THOs - April 21, 2010

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