Ladies First


Ladies First is a health screening program for Vermont women. Ladies First removes financial barriers that prevent many women from being screened for breast and cervical cancer and heart disease. Read more about Ladies First

Ladies First/EDS Provider Enrollment Forms

Screening cards

Please call our Provider Support Line at 1-800-510-2282.

Billing for covered services

Billing for covered services is simple if you follow these basic guidelines:

  1. Remember Electronic Data Systems (EDS) should not be billed until a Screening Report Form has been submitted for the patient.
  2. Be certain that you are billing for services that are covered by the program. (See the current Annual Schedule of Fees for Covered Services.)
  3. Keep in mind reimbursement for covered services is at the Medicare Part B rate.
  4. Note that Ladies First is the payer of last resort, that is, the program pays for net charges after all third-party payments have been received.

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