Ladies First


Ladies First is a health screening program for Vermont women. Check out these answers to some of the more frequently asked questions. Please contact us if you want more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Ladies First work?

Chart: How Ladies First WorksPlease visit our Join Ladies First website for information about the program, how to apply, and income eligibility.

You can also see at a glance How Ladies First Works.



Can I be a Ladies First member if I have.....?

....Other Insurance Coverage?

Yes. If you meet our income guidelines and have other insurance, you can still be a Ladies First member. Your insurance company will get billed first, and Ladies First pays for whatever the insurance doesn’t cover.

....Medicare Part A or V-Script?

Yes. If you meet our income guidelines and have Medicare Part A or V-Script, you may be a Ladies First member.

....Medicaid, VHAP, Primary Care Plus, or Medicare Part B and be a Ladies First member?

No. You cannot be a Ladies First member if you have insurance coverage under Medicaid, VHAP, Primary Care Plus, or Medicare Part B programs.

Existing members should contact Ladies First and let Kate know if you start such coverage. Ladies First cannot pay for any screening services you may have after starting those insurances, and you will be responsible for any co-pays associated with these plans.

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What doctor will I see?

You choose a doctor or nurse who participates in Ladies First. If you need a new doctor, Kate at Ladies First can help you.

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May I see a doctor who is in another state?

Kate has a list of participating doctors and nurses in other states. She can check to see if your doctor or nurse is signed up with Ladies First.

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How will I get to my appointment if I can’t drive?

Kate can arrange for you to get a ride. Just give her a call.

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What if I need further tests or treatment?

If you are screened by Ladies First, we can help you access treatment for breast or cervical cancer. Please call us if you need other tests or treatment.

Ladies First can help pay for some other tests for heart disease, and breast or cervical cancer (see "Covered Services"). If we cannot pay for a test or treatment, Ladies First will work with you to try and find other options to help you with payments.

If you have been screened through Ladies First for heart disease risk factors (blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, smoking status or overweight), you are eligible for additional services, such as meeting with a Ladies First nutritionist to discuss healthy eating and physical activity strategies. Please call Kate for more information.

If you smoke, call the Vermont Quit Network 1-800-QUIT-NOW (784-8669). Ladies First members can receive free nicotine replacement therapy (patch, lozenges, or gum), extensive online, phone and in-person coaching and support options, as well as practical tools to help you stop smoking.

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What if I think I make too much money?

Your health is important, so please call Kate anyway. She can help you know for sure whether you are eligible. You can also check our Income Eligibility Chart.

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What happens if I get mailed a bill for my screening exams?

Ladies First works very hard to make sure you will not get bills. However, occasionally it does happen. If you receive a bill from your doctor, please call 1-802-865-7757 and we will try to help. There is a possibility you may have a copay for some services.

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What if my family size, insurance status or income changes?

Please call Kate. She will help you determine if you are still eligible.

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What if I move to another state?

Most states have programs similar to Ladies First. Call Kate and she will give you the telephone numbers for the program near you.

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