The Daily Dairy Count (Rutland WIC)

Friday: February 16, 2018 to Thursday: February 15, 2018
VT Dept. of Health, Rutland WIC Office, 300 Asa Bloomer Building, 1st Floor WIC Clinic, Rutland VT 05701
2:00PM to 11:00PM

Do you know if your child is getting enough calcium? How much do they really need? What foods can you offer? What if your child doesn�t drink milk? This WIC activity will be a fun way to find creative ways to meet their child�s daily dairy requirements by using the MyPlate model and exploring fun ways to eat and drink our calcium. Join us on the 1st floor WIC Activity Room of the Asa Bloomer Building. A sampling of calcium-rich foods will be available plus a Dairy Cookbook to take home. Contact Jackie at 786-5113 to sign up for this fun-filled activity!