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Behavorial Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS)

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services 416 (CMS 416) - Medicaid Claims Data for 0-21 years of Age

The CMS-416 provides basic information on participation in the Medicaid child health program. The statute requires that States provide us with the following: (1) the number of children provided child health screening services, (2) the number of children referred for corrective treatment, (3) the number of children receiving dental services, and (4) the State's results in attaining goals set for the state under section 1905(r) of the Act. The form CMS-416 was developed to collect this information. 

The information is used to assess the effectiveness of State EPSDT programs in terms of the number of children (by age group and basis of Medicaid eligibility), who are provided child health screening services, are referred for corrective treatment, and the number receiving dental services. Child health screening services are defined for purposes of reporting on this form as initial or periodic screens required to be provided according to a State's screening periodicity schedule.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Maps

These maps were produced using the annual Vermont School Nurse Report completed by Vermont's public school nurses, and information provided though the Medicaid Administrative Claiming (MAC) program.

School Children Enrolled in Dr. Dynasaur/Medicaid

Percentage of school children enrolled in Dr. Dynasaur/Medicaid, by Supervisory Union/School District.

School Enrollment By Supervisory Union/School District

School Reports

School nurses are asked to collect and report data annually to the Vermont Department of Health on information such as health insurance status, medical and dental home visits, and asthma. They also use the same survey system to report on the immunization status of the students in their schools. The data is based on self reported information from the students and their families and caregivers, and does not include individual identifiable information.

For more information about the data contact an area schools liaison at your local Health Department District Office.

More immunization data is available at Immunization Surveillance.

Supervisory Unions and School Districts

Vermont Community Profiles

Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS)

Youth Health Survey

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