Healthy Community Design in Windham County

The environment in which we grow, live, work and age has an impact on our health, and the way our communities are designed directly impacts our ability to thrive. The primary goal of our Healthy Community Design work is to assist communities as they create environments that promote health and prevent disease and injury through:

  • Promoting safe, pleasant and accessible infrastructure for people to walk, bicycle, and use public transit, and
  • Ensuring access to affordable and nutritious food.

We work with community organizations, and municipal and regional planners at a local level. We can provide education about why sidewalks and healthy foods options in local markets are important. We also try to help town officials and organizations find funding through grants to support health-promoting efforts related to the built environment, access to healthy foods, multi-modal transportation options, and quality housing.

Our Work

Safe Streets Committee in Brattleboro

We support the Safe Streets Committee in Brattleboro, a group of local residents who work to improve walking and biking in Brattleboro. The Safe Streets Committee in Brattleboro meets six times a year and works with the Town of Brattleboro and the Traffic Safety Committee.

Fit and Health Kids Coalition of Windham County

We lead the Fit and Healthy Kids Coalition of Windham County, which works to foster practices, programs, and policies that engage the community in raising fit and healthy kids. This coalition meets monthly.

Safe Routes to School

We work directly with schools to promote Safe Routes to School, a program that helps kids safely walk and bike to school.

Planning for Prevention Primer

Our Prevention Consultant works alongside a number of Windham County Substance Abuse Prevention Coalitions and the Windham Regional Commission, and together they created the Planning for Prevention Primer. The Primer serves as a reference document for towns as they revise and rewrite their town plans, and provides particular guidance and information on how to incorporate language around substance abuse prevention and the principles and practices of healthy community design.  

Windham Regional Commission Transportation Committee

Our staff serve on the Windham Regional Commission Transportation Committee, which serves to review and evaluate transportation policy recommendations to support the development of safe and efficient transportation in Windham County.

The Vermont Healthy Community Design Resource:  Active Living and Healthy Eating

The  Vermont Healthy Community Design Resource: Active Living and Healthy Eating  guide contains information, tools and resources that may be used to navigate the worlds of land use planning and public health.