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The Health Department has a wealth of data and tools for community partners, researchers and students on a wide range of public health topics. Use our data explorer to navigate community profiles, performance scorecards, the environmental public health tracking portal, health statistics and vital records, 3-4-50 pages – and much more!

Information for You

Maternal and Child Health (MCH) experts focus on the complex public health problems affecting women, children and their families, from preconception to adulthood.

As temperatures in Lake Champlain and other fresh water bodies continue to warm due to climate change, and with more heavy precipitation, conditions will become more favorable for blooms to occur.

Heavy rains can wash contaminants into drinking, recreational, and irrigation waters, potentially leading to human illnesses.

Responding to climate change will benefit health now.

Public health efforts began in Vermont, as elsewhere, out of a need to protect the public from diseases caused mostly by unsafe water supplies and contagion Here's a summary of important moments in our first 100 years of public health in Vermont.

Join us for Public Health Grand Rounds, a series of presentations about significant public health issues and the challenges they pose.