Researchers & Policymakers

Vermont researcher at a computer

The Health Department has a wealth of data and tools for community partners, researchers and students on a wide range of public health topics. Use our data explorer to navigate community profiles, performance scorecards, the environmental public health tracking portal, health statistics and vital records, 3-4-50 pages – and much more!

Information for You

Access to health services is about more than having health insurance. How are we doing with access to care?

How many adults 65 and older are getting the routine health care and screenings they need to stay healthy? 

Good health is connected with academic success. Are Kindergarteners entering school healthy and ready to learn? Are school-age children getting the wellness exams they need to stay healthy?

Are babies and young children getting the screenings they need to detect and treat health problems early?

How are we doing in our efforts to promote healthy pregnancies, breastfeeding and the health of mothers and babies?

How are we doing to help women and families plan for a healthy pregnancy?