Policymakers & Researchers

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The Health Department has a wealth of data and tools for community partners, researchers and students on a wide range of public health topics. Use our data explorer to navigate community profiles, performance scorecards, the environmental public health tracking portal, health statistics and vital records, 3-4-50 pages – and much more!

Information for You

Vermont’s maternal and child health strategic priorities and programming are informed by data.

Many state, regional, and national GIS resources are available that can assist with public health work:

Supporting the development and maintenance of a qualified, competent and numerable alcohol and drug professional workforce. Find training and continuing education resources.

As a grantee or contractor, you are required to adhere to federal and state regulations. All grants and contracts contain references to federal and state statutes, federal and state rules and regulations, and state agency policies.

Vermont has a long history of passing state laws and local policies to protect people from secondhand smoke, to stop youth from starting to use tobacco, and to lower the prevalence of tobacco use.

The Vermont Adult Tobacco Survey is a telephone survey of Vermont adults (18+).