Parents & Caregivers

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Parents and caregivers keep Vermonters of all ages healthy and safe. Find more information for people who care for the health of others.

Information for You

Good health is connected with academic success. Are Kindergarteners entering school healthy and ready to learn? Are school-age children getting the wellness exams they need to stay healthy?

Becoming insured is the first step in being able to access health care and screenings for children and youth.

Vermonters have higher marijuana use rates than the country overall. Learn more about marijuana use in Vermont. Early and continuous use of marijuana can affect brain development.

Alcohol and drug prevention programs help support communities to grow in wellness and health. Prevention works!

Just as every child is different, so are the signs and symptoms of hearing loss.

You already know that breastfeeding is best for you and your baby. What you may not know is that learning to breastfeed can take time, patience and practice.