Board Members

Have you ever considered public service?

The Board of Medical Practice is composed of medical professionals and public members who serve as a neutral and independent body commissioned to oversee the practice of medicine and to protect the public. The 17 members, who are appointed by the Governor, include 11 Vermont-licensed medical professionals (nine physicians, one physician assistant and one podiatrist) and six public members. As a board member, you receive $50 per diem, mileage reimbursement and a meal at each meeting.

Current Board Members
Name Position Residence
Richard Bernstein(Vice-Chair) Physician Jericho
Gary Brent Burgee Physician Randolph
Richard Clattenburg Physician Perkinsville
Allen Evans Public Member Middlesex
Francis J. Heald Public Member Rutland
Rick A. Hildebrant Physician Member Rutland
William K. Hoser (Chair) Physician Assistant Chester
Patricia Hunter Public Member Rutland
David A. Jenkins Public Member Chittenden
Leo LeCours Public Member Jericho
David Liebow Podiatrist Townshend
Sarah McClain Public Member Lincoln
Christine Payne Physician Middlsex
Harvey S. Reich Physician Mendon
Judy Rosenstreich Public Member Chittenden
Ryan Sexton Physician Montpelier
Marga Sproul (Secretary) Physician South Burlington
Gillian L.Stearns-Parr Physician Chittenden
Robert E. Tortolani Physician Windham