Forms, Resources and Trainings for Town Health Officers

The Health Department offers information and resources for Town Health Officers (THOs) about significant public health issues and their role in their community.

For additional information, the Town Health Officer Hotline is available Monday through Friday (except state holidays), 7:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at 800-439-8550.

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Trainings and Presentations for Town Health Officers
Date Training File Type
2013/08/21 Mobile Home Park Health and Safety PDF
2013/08/07 When is Asbestos a Public Health Threat? PDF
2013/08/07 MP3
2013/07/24 Lead-Based Paint Tips and Complaints PDF
2013/07/24 MP3
2010/05/12 Asbestos & Lead Regulatory Program PDF
2010/05/12 MP3
2009/12/02 Lead Safe Practices for Contractors Guidance Document PDF
2010/03/17 Lead in Construction PDF
2010/03/17 MP3
2009/12/02 Lead, Unsafe Work Practices, EMPs and the THO PDF
2009/12/02 MP3
2013/07/10 Fire and Life Safety PDF
2013/07/10 MP3
2012/10/01 Indoor Air Quality PDF
2012/10/01 Indoor Air Quality Presentation Notes PDF
2012/10/01 Monitoring and Compliance with Vermont’s Rental Housing PDF
2012/10/01 Health Orders PDF
2012/10/01 Duties of a Town Health Officer PDF
2012/09/19 Dangerous Buildings PDF
2012/09/19 MP3
2012/09/05 Inspecting for Pests PDF
2012/09/05 MP3
2012/08/08 Mold in Rental Housing PDF
2012/08/08 MP3
2009/10/21 Mold Growth in Buildings PDF
2009/10/21 MP3
2012/07/18 Healthy Recreational Waters & Cyanobacteria (Blue-Green Algae) PDF
2012/07/18 MP3
2011/06/23 After the Flood: Private Well Disinfection and Testing PDF
2011/06/23 MP3
2011/05/25 Open Burning (and incineration, too) PDF
2011/05/25 MP3
2010/11/27 Writing Defensible Health Orders PDF
2010/11/27 MP3
2010/09/08 Water and Wastewater Guidance PDF
2010/09/08 MP3
2010/07/21 Lyme Disease PDF
2010/06/16 Drinking Water Safety in Vermont PDF
2010/06/16 MP3
2010/04/21 Animal Bites and Rabies PDF
2010/04/21 MP3
2010/04/21 Animal Bite Report Form PDF
2010/01/06 Residential Radon in Vermont PDF
2010/01/06 MP3
2009/09/09 Influenza – 2009 H1N1 PDF
2009/05/09 Town Health Officer Overview PDF
2009/08/19 Fire Safety Issues PDF
2009/08/19 MP3
2017/01/18 Video
2017/06/29 Monitoring for Cyanobacteria Online course
2017/06/29 Maintaining Safe Recreational Waters Online course
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