Emergency Medical Services Protocols

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Protocol Release Date October 8, 2014

Protocol Implementation and Transitions to New Scope of Practice Model

These protocols are written for the new Scope of Practice Model levels (EMR, EMT, AEMT and Paramedic), which include skills, medications and other interventions not allowed at the previous National Standard Curriculum levels (FR-ECA, EMT-B, EMT-I and EMT-Paramedic). When an entire agency has completed training on these protocols, they may begin to use these new protocols after 0001 hrs January 1st, 2014 regardless of the transition status of their personnel. All agencies must begin to use these protocols no later than 2359 hrs on March 31, 2014. From April 1, 2014 forward, these are the only statewide EMS protocols and must be followed by all providers, regardless of transition status. However, EMS providers who have not completed the appropriate transition course are ONLY authorized to function within the scope of their previous scope of practice (FR-ECA, EMT-B, EMT-I and EMT-Paramedic). Appendix 3 contains the scope of practice matrix which lists the skills that each provider level, both old and new, can perform.


Vermont Statewide Emergency Medical Services Protocols - October 8, 2013


Archival History

Previous Vermont EMS Protocols - Effective dates 2007 t0 March 31, 2014

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